Sand Dunes, Foundations, and Framing Oh My…

By: Alison Southern Ullom REALTOR© Kyle Texas

I arrived bright and early Monday morning to piles of Sand Dunes.  Thinking that if I was getting a beach instead of a foundation I decided a beach might not be so bad.  Before purchasing Tiki Torches, setting out cabanas, and throwing a beach party I decided to do a bit of research.  Turns out that Sand is a very important process in making sure that the foundation you build on is sound and will last a life time.  I explain more in the video about some of the more technical reasons as to why, but for full details you can check this or other construction sites.    Meanwhile, I noticed that my adorable super sharp rescue was sprouting what look like very small harmless babies.  They need new homes but potting them requires some serious armor as the roots go deep and one prick will leave you in some serious pain for about a week.  Enjoy the progress and stay tuned for more updates

Love Always


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