Building in Kyle Texas:  Rising From The Ashes

By Alison Southern Ullom: Your Hometown Kyle Realtor

My home burned down August 18th, 2017.  Finally after two months of dealing with the insurance companies we were able to begin deconstruction.  Make note of it if your home is burning down and the firemen have pretty much put it out ask if they could just keep it going.  Making sure that the home burns completely down, will avoid deconstruction costs, and time.  Unfortunately I did not ask, and even if I had I am pretty sure that they would not have done it.  Deconstruction took another terrible and frustrating three potentially four months of crying screaming and feeling like I was the worse neighbor in the world.  Finally everything was down and out and I had a lot!  Then came the planning: architects, designers, electrical experts, plumbing issues, and working to make sure everything was up to code and approved.  While loads of things were going on nothing was visible which was worse than deconstruction.  It felt like the house was never going to be built and I was going to be living in a rental house with rental furniture.  Then suddenly June 1st 2018 suddenly I had a frame.  The frame is where the foundation will go and I could not be more excited.  Watch the video to see the first visible process on my phoenix!  I invite you to join me along the way through this process.


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