Hiring a local Real Estate Agent is a  point I have been very vocal about recently.

When selling, a non-local agent may not be able to be as much help to you as one who is local.  Agents living in your city or neighborhood will most likely check in on your home and you more often than an agent that does not live close by.  Agents nearby probably have a more intimate knowledge of the area than non-local agents.  Any agent can look up local school statistics on the Web but only a local agent might have children that go to these schools.  Local agents typically know the area better than their non-local counterparts as such they can typically describe your house much better, this may lead to better returns on your investment.

Selling is an emotional process.  You have lived in your home and created memories there.  The process of turning your home back into a house that others can see themselves living in can hurt, sometimes a lot.  I can typically recognize this and being local I can bring pie or ice-cream, or whatever your comfort food might be.  I can usually notice the signs of stress and fatigue and suggest that you take a step back.  I can and will help with packing, garage sells, staging, photography, and so much more.  Could a non-local agent provide these personal touches perhaps, but as it takes them longer to reach you I would imagine that these personal touches would possibly not be provided as often.

When buying the benefits of a local agent should be an invaluable resource to you.   Local agents may be able to suggest restaurants in the area, parks, attractions and short cuts that other non-local agents may not know about.   I live in Kyle, one of the Kyle elementary schools is built around a wildlife area.  This gives students what I think is a unique learning experience.  I have also toured both high schools in Kyle to learn about the many opportunities for skills that are available for students to learn that they can use right out of High School.  These skills include but are not limited to:  Culinary arts, 911 dispatch, welding, beautician certificates, and so many more opportunities.  I also know that Kyle is the Pie Capitol of Texas and where to get pie that I think is the most amazing in the world.  Could an agent that doesn’t live in Kyle research and offer these same insights?   I suppose so but find it highly unlikely.

Working with an agent when buying in a new home development should be considered essential.  Although builders have agents that can show you around and be very helpful it is important to remember that a builder’s agent does not work for you, they work for the builder.   Buyers deserve to have an agent that is working for them and looking out for their best interests.  The best part is that as a Buyer the Builder pays your agent for you, and having them on your side can help to significantly reduce unexpected costs down the road by suggesting that you get a third-party inspection.  Your agent can also negotiate price and amenities with the builder’s agent potentially helping you to get the best possible deal available.  All repairs and changes should be made before closing, your agent will help to make sure this gets done.

I would love to work with you and provide you with these and other resources along the way.  I would also appreciate your referral if you know someone who could use my services.  Thank you for taking the time to read through this and for considering me as your agent.

Love Always


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