New Home in Kyle TX

By:  Alison Southern Ullom REALTOR© , Kyle TX

So when I arrived at my lot this morning I admit it looked a bit like a Wizards Chess.  For those of you not into the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter it is essentially a Giant Chess board with huge pieces that move by themselves, and are quite brutal in destroying the pieces that they “take.”  The sand, dirt and all of the other debris made it look like perhaps a huge game of Wizards Chess had indeed taken place during the night.  None the less the progress, though it does not look like much, is keeping us going as we recover from the fire.  A new hope is beginning to take place and with it a lifting of spirits and tension all around.  I am told that this foundation business is perhaps the longest most difficult part and that after the concrete is poured then we will be seeing progress at a much faster pace.  We continue to be ever thankful for the support and prayers of our family and friends.  Hometown Kyle truly is a wonderful neighborhood with wonderful people around every corner.  Remember to Love Always and as Ron says follow the butterflies…it is definitely better than following spiders.





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