It really could be a beach

By: Alison Southern Ullom Realtor Kyle TX

Tuesday morning showed that my lovely sand dunes from the night before had turned into a more suitable beach!  Unable to resist I took off my shoes and went for a walk.  As noted in the video not all sand is created equal, during one of the invisible phases of the rebuilding process a soil test was done to determine which sand should be used.  I feel certain this is just what every girl wants….her own brand of sand!   Meanwhile in the scene behind me you may see some of the clutter in what will be our back yard.   There are many losses after the initial loss of the fire.  Things are left over after, things that you think you should try to save.  I went around like a crazy person during the demolition grabbing decorative outdoor landscaping pavers feeling sure I should save them, as they might save me money later.  It turns out that just like the box woods that were gracious enough to go during the fire I didn’t like the stones either.  I showed up in the fashion equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight, those clothes are the ones I was wearing to meet the dump trucks  coming to haul off more pieces of the old life.  I know your are wondering so I will answer, yes this did require a wardrobe change later on that day.  Parting with some things was easy and long overdue, however others like the trampoline were much worse.  However, at the end of the day it was quite freeing and made way for new beginnings.  By the end of the week I won’t even remember the loss and how many girls get to walk on a beach made just for them!!!


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